Where to Find Tech Jobs in Washington State

In the corner of the Pacific Northwest sits Washington state, the land of stunning natural beauty and varied terrains; college basketball; the birthplace of Starbucks; and agricultural expertise. 

Washington has a lot to offer its residents, so it’s no wonder more people are moving here.

One of the top reasons to move to Washington state is to get a job in tech. If you’re looking at Bellevue houses for sale because you want to do just that, you may also be wondering where the best place is to find tech-related jobs in the state. No worries, as Washington has plenty of options.

Over the last decade tech sector employment has grown by nearly 35 percent. Workers make up about 11 percent of the state’s total workforce, totaling around 280,000 people across tech-related industries.

Washington is the birthplace of Microsoft, Amazon, Zillow, and Expedia. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Salesforce, and Apple all have offices in the state.


The Emerald City is often looked at as a sibling to its west-coast tech counterparts, though a more relaxed one.

The hustle and bustle is not as great as that in Silicon Valley, but it doesn’t mean tech-minded individuals aren’t making great strides.

Seattle is the home of Microsoft, now filled with a plethora of tech companies looking for eager young minds.

One of the top places to go is Highspot, a company that harmonizes the work of marketing and sales teams through software.

There’s also Assurance, a health tech company that serves as a hub for various types of insurance. Flyhomes gives potential homebuyers and sellers, while Shelf Engine makes a social impact through reshaping the supplier-grocer relationship.


Google opened a small office in this Seattle suburb that has since exploded into a 375,000-square-foot campus with over 1,000 employees.

Kirkland itself has about 9,600 STEM-centric jobs, which makes up nearly 30 percent of the city’s work force.


The state’s capital is another great place to look if you’re trying to land a job in tech. TheFormTool, Inc. produces forms automation software, helping professionals across a variety of industries stay organized and efficient. This small company has only 30 employees.

EmCentrix is an Human Resources and Payroll technology integration developer that provides solutions to companies to make the HR process run smoother.

Overall job prospects

There are many other companies scattered throughout the state. Those with under 500 employees include DropBox, Airbnb, Uber, and Porch.

Larger companies include Oracle, Zulily, CenturyLink DevOps, Intel, and Blue Origin.

In 2020 Washington was ranked 12th among states for start-ups with just over 5,000 present at the time; that number has only grown.

You can also check out the Washington Technology Industry Association, a group of over 1,000 technology companies striving to empower the technological communities throughout the state.

They offer business insurance to companies and hold various events throughout the year to connect like-minded people.

They advocate for public policies that support their mission and create forums where the tech sector can effectively partner with other industries.