The Perfect Match: Traditional Indian Bridal Jewellery Sets for Every Wedding Outfit.

You’re never fully dressed without an accessory, and that saying takes even more profound importance when it comes to your wedding outfit. Like icing on a cake, the right wedding ornaments for brides can complete your look and make your special attire even more striking and beautiful. Just as you’ve found the perfect partner to spend the rest of your life with, we’ll also recommend classic accessories that will beautifully complement your wedding outfit.

1)   Metallic accents for Lehenga wedding dresses

The Lehenga pays deep homage to our roots as Indians, and it’s a popular choice of wedding attire if you’re keen to pay homage to your ancestral heritage. However, if you’re to enhance the Lehenga’s appeal, we recommend that you pair it with metallic accents.

For instance, you can get amazing silver rings for women’s latest designs on the WVStor website. An Amethyst Hook earring can also help add modern glam and elegance to your Lehenga while champagne floral earrings can add a dazzling finishing touch that cements your rightful place as the star of the show.

2)   Colourful jewellery to spice up Modern wedding dresses

If you go for a modern white bridal gown, then you have many creative options to play around with because this dress is very versatile and will go well with just about any accessory.

That being said, we have excellent recommendations that you can try out. If it’s a low-cut top gown, you can go with an amazing AD-studded yellow stone necklace. This will give your outfit some much-needed splash of colour. You may also go for a blue Stone silver long necklace, which will give your wedding dress a royal finish.

3)   Ancestral bangles for wedding sarees

Sarees are popular everyday wear in our country, however, the right design can stand out as a special day outfit in its own right. If you’ve found a great saree to walk down the aisle with, so speak, we recommend topping off that look with some traditional Indian wedding bangles set online.

You could go for metal bangles that beautifully contrast or complement your outfit, or deity bangles that pay homage to your religion and invite blessings for your union. If you’re not up for that, you can always choose to get modern designer pearl bangles that help you merge the best of traditional and modern flair.

4)  Flower earrings for wedding kurtas

Kurtas for brides are not only versatile and super comfortable. They also have deep cultural roots and are a great way to appreciate Indian craftsmanship and design. If you’re looking to stand apart from cliché wedding outfits, then kurtas are one way to do it.

But hold on. Your perfect kurta needs just a few furnishing touches before you’re ready to say “I do” and that comes in the way of flower earrings. These can help you imbue your outfit with a touch of vitality and youthfulness.

5)   Mekhela Chador goes beautify with silver

This beautiful outfit originates from the beautiful Assam in Northeast India and offers the perfect blend of simplicity, grace, and tradition. In line with that, you need to choose strategic traditional wedding Indian bridal jewellery.

For this case, you should consider getting a silver bridal jewellery set for a wedding. With silver often associated with the calmness, sensitivity, and energy from the moon, these ornaments can be a powerful way to add subtle beauty to your outfit. So you should definitely spare a thought to buy silver chains online in India as well.

6)   Fashion rings for your Phulkari

Punjab state is famous for many things, and one of those is the Phulkari outfit. With unique charm and mesmerizing traditional beauty, the Phulkari deserves justice when it comes to what you should pair it with. Fortunately, we know just the thing – fashion rings.

You may or may not be getting a wedding ring on your special day, but that shouldn’t stop you from buying silver fashion rings for women. Not only do they help you make a stunning statement on your big day but silver is traditionally a sacred metal that can also add timeless class to your outfit.

7)   Some pearls for your Ghahara

Although popular with Muslim women, the Ghahara is an excellent attire for just about anyone regardless of background. If you decide this is it for your wedding day, some women’s pearl earrings would certainly come in handy.

With white the symbol of purity and happiness, it’s not hard to see why pear earrings are a staple of Indian weddings. They glisten bewitchingly in the sunlight and can add a ton of natural beauty to your outfit to make it even more breathtaking.

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