Glasses vs Contact Lenses

People who have problems with eye sight often ask themselves a question: “What should I choose to get rid of problems?” Today it’s not a problem to find fashionable glasses with an exquisite frame that will suit you perfectly, there are hundreds of brands to choose between, from high fashion like Chanel to classic cool like Ray Ban sunglasses. But contact lenses are also gaining popularity nowadays. The times when lenses were tough and made of material that resembled glass ended long ago. Today new technologies are applied to make lenses softer and more pleasant to wear.

Eye correction with the help of contact lenses is prescribed by a doctor in case of abnormal refraction. It can happen in cases of hyperopia, myopia or astigmia. Treatment with the help of lenses is the next stage in cases when glasses hadn’t worked out. Especially it’s effective when a person can see well with one eye and bad with the second one.

If problems with eyes are not hereditary, but developed within a time because of excessive eye stress, a combination of correction with both the glasses and contact lenses is needed. The glasses are preferable to wear at work and at home, while contact lenses are good for walking, practicing sports or other extra-activities where contact lenses are considered to be safer. If you suffer from short sight, you’re not allowed to wear contact lenses permanently.

A modern man is overloaded with job, he needs to read lots of books, spend long time in front of PC, and watch TV to get information. In order to help his eyes, a person must pay attention to the illumination in the room and to monitor the time he spends in front of harmful gadgets. People who wear contact lenses should not exercise their vision by switching from watching at a distance to constant turning their attention to the objects situated closer. Working on a computer it’s better to wear lenses, while watching TV it’s better to put on spectacles.

Do not forget about the rules of hygiene. Those who prefer contact lenses must keep their hands clean, remember the right ways of putting lenses on and change them regularly. Glasses also need to be kept in good conditions. But polishing them will be enough.

The modern technologies allow you to choose anything you like. If you feel comfortable wearing spectacles, it’s great. But keep in mind the importance of your accessory being smart and comfortable. Or you may choose contact lenses, but don’t forget that it will demand much effort in order to preserve them in good conditions for a long time. Or you may combine both the methods of eye correction. The main aim is to make your life happy, light and carefree.