Diamonds are romantic, sophisticated, luxurious, or lavish! But remember, a diamond is just a hunk of stone until it’s been cut. A perfect cut can transform your “so-so” diamond into something that is truly exquisite. Yes, dazzling diamond begins far before you admire it in the jewelry stores in Albuquerque. So, if you are looking for the right diamond jewelry to gift your love, learn the basics of a diamond’s cut that gives the diamond a distinctive visual appeal.

Here we’ve listed the different types of cuts recommended by the diamond jewelers in Albuquerque that were designed to optimize the sensational sparkle of the diamond.

Round Cut

Round cut diamonds are the popular choice for classic engagement rings and offer more brilliance with the facets than any other, fancier cut. This shape offers classic, timeless style and can be nicely complimented with side stones or halo settings.

Oval Cut

Oval cut diamond is the slight variation of the round cut diamond, and is elongated on two-sides. Engagement ring with oval cut diamond provides a somewhat traditional look, at the same time, appears a bit less traditional than the round stone. Oval cut diamond rings are the popular choice of women with short fingers because they tend to make the fingers look longer.

Pear Cut

Pear cut diamonds provides a uniquely updated experience of luxury and grace. They bestow a great deal of dazzle and look fantastic as a single stone, or with side diamonds. This diamond cut also works better for women with short fingers.

Marquise Cut

Being one of the most popular fancy cut stones, it is cut in a diamond shape. With a touch of sophistication and plenty of allure, the marquise cut is visually pleasing, and marquise cut is visually pleasing.

Emerald Cut

Unlike the traditional faceted round cut diamonds, emerald cut stones have less sparkle and brilliance. If you are a budget conscious buyer, then this cut is not for you! Contact the Albuquerque diamond jewelers for more help.

Princess Cut

The princess cut is more economical than other cut types and offers sparkle and fire that is second to none. The following factors make princess cut a more popular choice:

  • Flexible
  • Economical
  • Creates both elegant and bold, dramatic looks

Trillion Cut

Trillion cut diamonds are more frequently used as side stones in the engagement rings and can also present a thrilling ring as the main solitaire.

Heart Shaped Cut

Heart cut diamonds are the winner for an engagement ring as nothing says romance like a heart-shaped diamond. Since the shape is more intricate than the other cut diamonds, choose heart cut diamond weighing a carat or more to recognize the astoundingly beautiful statement.

Other popular diamond cut styles include,

  • Asscher Cut
  • Cushion Cut
  • Radiant Cut
  • Baguette cut

With many shapes and cuts of diamonds, choosing the right one that suits your personal style can be overwhelming. Get in touch with the experienced Albuquerque diamond jewelers who can assist you in finding the perfect diamond jewelry with the right diamond cuts.