Buying Jewelry Online; Some Helpful Tips to Make the Most of Online Jewelry Shopping

Online shopping has never been easier, with almost anything available to buy on sites across the world. But when it comes to buying jewelry, what’s the best way to make sure you’re getting what you want and make the best informed choice that you can?

There are five important pointers for purchasing jewelry online, which will help ensure the best shopping online experience that you can have;

#1- TRUST 

You want to make sure that you invest some time into researching the seller that you’re planning to purchase your jewelry from. Checking reviews is always a good idea, and ensuring that the seller has been established for several years will make it a more reliable purchase. Sticking to reputable companies is recommended as well; buying from a cheap company you’ve never heard of is a risky move.


You should be able to return any item for a full refund if it isn’t what you expected. Stone colours may vary from photographs online, or may not suit you as expected, so if you receive your item and you’re not happy with it for whatever reason, you should be able to return the item. Before purchasing, you should investigate the return policy that the company you’re buying from offer. If there is a no return policy, you should probably keep looking; if a seller refuses returns, it’s a sure sign that they’re not confident in their product, so you shouldn’t be either.


There should be a variety of photos for any piece of jewelry that you’re looking to purchase. As you’re not able to physically handle the jewelry, the seller should be providing you with several photos from different angles to show every side of the jewelry, along with any imperfections or special details. If there aren’t several photos, you can ask the seller if they can provide more for you to get a better idea of what you’re purchasing- if they’re unable to give you those photos, it’s probably not a good sign and you should reconsider. The more photos, the more authentic it should be. 


There should be a detailed description of the piece of jewelry you’re looking to buy along with the photos. This should include measurements of the piece, any gemstones in the piece should be identified, and if the piece is signed, some signature should also be provided. There should also be certification; if a diamond isn’t independently certified, you can’t be sure of its quality. 


Make sure that you’re doing all the reading before you purchase. Know the ins and outs of the seller’s Terms of Sale, read all of the listings to avoid any small print. If the price seems too good to be true, odds are that it might be. Sometimes you can get lucky and find a great price, but if it’s much cheaper than other sellers, chances are it’s not authentic.

If you follow these guidelines, you should have no trouble purchasing your jewelry online. To put these pointers to the test and bag yourself some gorgeous jewelry from the comfort of your home, visit