4 Great Ideas for Engravings on Memorial Necklaces

Most memorial necklaces are simple affairs, designed to preserve the memory of a loved one in a personal way. Some are hearts, others may be interlocking rings, feathers, angels, or even just simple round pendants.

The only other adornment that is common on memorial necklaces is a simple engraving. Typically it isn’t long and spans a couple of words at most that hold a particular meaning or emotional connection.

If you are looking for ideas for an engraving for a memorial necklace, there are several options that you could consider:

  • Just a name or a date

Sometimes a name (or set of initials) says it all, and having it as the sole engraving has a simplistic elegance to it. Another option is to just have the death date engraved in a nod to it that only you or people who knew the person that passed will understand.

Of course there is no harm in adding the name, birth date and death date – as marker to commemorate their life.

  • Significant phrases

Often people like to engrave memorial necklaces with phrases that are significant in some way or other. The conventional option is to use a phrase of remembrance, such as ‘Forever with us’, ‘Love’, or ‘In loving memory’.

Another option is to use a favorite saying or quote – either something that reminds you of the deceased, or a quote that was important to them.

  • A signature or thumbprint

There is something personal about a signature, both because it is part of the person’s identity as well as the fact that it is their hand. Similarly a thumbprint is another interesting type of engraving that is intimately connected to the person and part of their identity.

If you can think of some other identity marker that you’d like to use as an engraving, you should feel free to do so.

  • Traditional or abstract symbols

Instead of opting for words, you could instead use symbols in the engraving. Some people prefer traditional symbols like hearts, crosses, clasped hands, or tears – while others may lean towards something more abstract that carries a particular significance for them personally.

If you want you could use a combination of symbols, or use symbols to accompany a different type of engraving, e.g. a name.

Hopefully those options will provide you with ideas that you can use to come up with an engraving that is just right for the memorial necklace that you’re getting. All said and done the most important thing is to find something that you feel connects you with your loved one and will help you to cherish their memory for years to come.

It is worth noting that while an engraving is by no means compulsory, having one can definitely set the memorial necklace apart and give it more meaning. Still it really is entirely up to you, and you should think about it carefully before committing to whatever option you feel is best to remember your loved one by.